Kale Chips

One summer we had lots of kale from our garden and didn’t know what to do with it. How much steamed kale can you eat? Luckily, our friend from New Jersey was visiting and introduced us to the pleasure of kale chips. The children were licking their plates and asking, “Is there more kale?” Enough said.

Preptime: 15-25 minutes

1 bunch of kale
Olive oil
Sea salt

Wash kale, spin in salad spinner until nearly dry.

Lightly rub each leaf of kale with olive oil, front and back. Do not use too much oil or chips will be soggy. Then rip into bite-sized pieces.

Lightly salt. Place on cookie sheet in one layer. Bake until crisp. Baking time will depend on oven and tray but check after 10 minutes. Overcooking makes the chips turn to dust!


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