“Though Rogers and Altemöller’s 3-step plan—based on Humbart Santillo’s Intuitive Eating—is meant to guide readers and eaters to an essentially vegan diet, their cookbook also functions as a terrific resource for omnivores in search of a healthily varied menu. Incorporating a multitude of ethnic cuisines such as Korean, Pakistani, Mexican, and Italian, as well as disciplines such as gluten-free, macrobiotic, and raw, the end result is a surprisingly diverse collection that keeps esoteric ingredients and laborious preparation to a minimum. Readers need not consider themselves dharma bums to appreciate White Bean Stew with Tomatoes, Garlic, and Sage; Cherry-Pecan-Oatmeal Cookies; Miso Soup; from-scratch Marinara Sauce; Kimchi; Caesar Salad; or a Tomato, Onion, Spinach Frittata; and those sticking to a specific diet will certainly appreciate Vegan Pancakes and Vegan Thousand Island Dressing, or Kvass—a secret ingredient in Ukrainian cuisine and a purported health tonic made from fermented beets. Regardless of where readers are on the dietary spectrum, there is something for everyone among the 200+ recipes. This is a refreshing, healthy collection that’s light on politics and heavy on taste and ease of preparation.”

ED BROWN, former head cook of Tassajara Mountain Zen Center; author of food classics, including The Tassajara Bread Book, and co-founder of Greens Restaurant in San Francisco:
Theresa and Tika’s book displays years of dedication and devotion to food and cooking… a great potential resource for those drawn to offering their hearts and hands to nourishing themselves and others. Start where you are – and begin cultivating a wholesome way of engaging yourself in the kitchen!”

RICHARD M. NESTRUD, MD, Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics:
In these times of increasing obesity it is important to offer guidance towards a healthy diet, and especially helpful to find it paired with wholesome recipes that are delicious and easy to make.”

JUDITH WINFREY, Head of Slow Food Atlanta:
“A powerful tool for anyone who wants to eat and cook with more intention. It is a thoughtful meditation on food as it relates to mental, spiritual and physical health; and is chock full of creative recipes that deliver delicious, healthy and meaningful food to the table. Indeed, the Dharma Feast Cookbook is a perfect beginning for anyone looking for a fresh start.”

MERO COCINERO KARIMI, host of The Cooking Show on Karimi & Comrades,
Dharma Feast is clear, simple, and full of delicious revolutionary recipes. I take it with me on the road to help me create magic when I feed the masses. When my Cooking Comrades ask me for a book that will help them cook and eat together as a community, I tell them Dharma Feast because it’s a cookbook  for the 99% that want to eat with balance and joy.”


“This book is an excellent compilation of recipes and wisdom about how to prepare food in a simple yet extraordinary way. I’ve been  cooking for over 35 years and have used hundreds of cookbooks. Dharma Feast Cookbook is now one of my favorites. Reading Dharma Feast Cookbook has enabled me to consistently follow an intentional diet for the first time in my life.”

“I eat meat and was skeptical about buying this book. But trying to get a bit healthier, and attracted to the name of the book, I bought it. Well, I have used the salad dressings, recipe for baked squash, green bean and ginger and many more vegetable dishes. What I love about it is that EVERYTHING tastes so good! Delicious actually. Party guests raved about the Baked Portobello Mushrooms with Dijon mustard. Friends wondered how I had become such a good vegetarian cook! I also appreciate the idea of cleaning up my diet in three stages. Easy does it, and then I can do it! A beautiful book and on my list as a Christmas present. Thank you authors.”

“I adore this cookbook. Why? Because it goes against the grain of trendy, sexy cookbooks and still offers fantastic, delicious, manageable recipes that I can make and my family will eat. For example- I make a version of the Too Good Veggie Burgers and one of the soups each week, and Chai every few days. I’ve tried all the juice recipes and many of them are favorites. The Indian recipes are all exquisite. Have you ever tried Hot Salad? Kale Chips? Incredible. And beyond that, what has had a profound impact on me (as the one who prepares the food for the family) is the context infused throughout the book – that feeding ourselves and others is not simply gassing up the engine, but a way to practice being sane and grounded in this chaotic world.”

“This book contains fundamental wisdom for your body. If you want to experience a new relationship to food, this is where to start and this is the place to end up. Buy this book if you want to experience life more fully and have some fun in the process. The authors know their stuff and it shows. If you are looking for glossy photos or a slick presentation, this might not be your “cup of tea”. If, on the other hand, you want a cookbook that will mold itself to your hands like a fine tool, this is a cookbook you will use for years. Highly recommended for your kitchen toolbox.”

“If your taste pallet is on a quest for a new combination of sauces and dishes this cookbook is going to be a great find for you. It is a delightful read that will bring a context to your everyday cooking and eating, and will get you feeling healthier and a bit more knowledgable about your body, dieting, and the intention behind preparing a meal. Theresa and Tika take you through everything from the basics of chopping, to making fantastic mango smoothies,a macadamia cream that is beyond deliciousness and will even give you some good tips on how to clean a pan. Personally the coconut curry vegetables are to die for!!! All through out the book, there are great recommendations for further reading and interesting suggestions that will really make a diference on how your feed yourself. Get ready for those mmm this is delicious! and ohhhhh I didnt know that! moments.”

“I have owned this cookbook for less than a year and it is already lovingly worn in from having used it so frequently. I appreciate the run-down of the basics, such as cooking charts for all kinds of grains and beans as well as loads of nutritional wisdom and many other cooking tips. I have used most of the recipes (which cover everything from smoothies to healthy kid’s lunches, to meals for your family or for a crowd) and especially love the Indian recipes. Even my kids love them. Don’t hesitate to get this cookbook. Your meals, your health, your taste buds, and your awareness of what it means to prepare food will be transformed.”

C.E.H., MT:
“I use this cookbook for everything–from small dinners for 6 to catering parties for 60. The inventive dressings, tasty soups, and satisfying gluten-free desserts have quickly become go-to recipes that I love. The user-friendly format not only gives you great ideas, it also helps you make better choices based on actual nutrition without sacrificing a bit of flavor. I recently gave five copies of Dharma Feast Cookbook to friends and family of various cooking ability and experience. Smoothies, breakfast recipes, veg and grain entrees, this cookbook is a joy to use and a pleasure to give to anyone with a desire to create in the kitchen.”

Dharma Feast offers a basic wisdom approach to find a natural and healthy relationship to food. There is no heavy handed code to follow, no specific diet, no quick fixes. It requires engagement from the reader to explore the sound recommendations on their own and verify what works. Written simply, one can feel the depth of sanity this book offers while creating a fresh and enticing mood to embrace an intentional diet practice. The books meets people where they are, in terms of their food habits and gently encourages a new or refined revival practice around eating for health. There is also a great section about creating sane kitchen spaces as a place of sanctuary and nourishment. I was so inspired reading this book that I helped organize a book study group which has been wildly successful. Everyone I have encouraged to read this book loves it. In an ocean of books about food and health, Dharma Feast manages to be original and inviting.”

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